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HeadStart: Information for parents/carers of pupils in Years 5 and 6

Why are we contacting you?

     HeadStart is working with your child’s school and a number of other schools across England.                           As part of the HeadStart research programme, we are measuring wellbeing in young people                            aged 10- to 16-years-old over a five-year period so that improvements can be made to the                              ways that schools and other organisations support them. This year, all students in Years 5                                and 6 are invited to take part in a short online questionnaire.

Privacy Notice

 What are the researchers allowed to do with information about your child?

HeadStart Privacy Notice


Information for Parents/Carers

We are asking for your permission for your child to complete an online questionnaire. If you give permission, your child will also be asked if they would like to take part. newham/primary/gainsborough/arenas/websitecontent/web/2021phase3primaryschools_y56parent.docx


https://forms.gle/LwQzd3SKUHhgzQbH7        It will be made clear to all children when they are given the questionnaires that they do not have to                answer any questions that they don’t want to and they do not have to take part at all if they don’t                    want to.

         If you are happy for your child to take part then you do not need to do anything.


                You only need to complete and complete this form if you do not wish your child to take part: